Driven by a commitment to design excellence, we use traditional joinery methods and practices to custom design premium timber windows to the highest quality and workmanship standards.

Our customised approach gives us the unique ability to design any timber window style in both standard and non-standard sizes and shapes using premium timbers including Western Red Cedar, Merbau and a variety of other hardwoods.


Every door we manufacture is mortised and tenoned by our skilled craftspeople.

Each door is made singularly and by hand, to your exact dimensions and design requirements. There are no ‘non-standard surcharges’. We simply handcraft what you want to the size you need it.

The good old hinged door is a thing of beauty when manufactured by Mount Barker Joinery. We provide both internal and external hinged doors to suit any project and budget. Hinged doors can be designed in various timber and/or glass combinations.

Bi-fold doors are the perfect solution for an open living space, enabling a seamless and instant transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

When closed, the room is flooded with natural light and when open, the natural beauty of the outdoors is invited inside. 
By pushing the entire bi-fold door to one side, full advantage of the space can be made to deliver an expansive feeling to your home.

We manufacture bi-fold doors to suit any project and style, including the optional additions of colonial bars and energy efficient glazing.

 Bi-Fold doors are available in various opening configurations allowing you to utilise outside spaces and maximise your living area. They can be hinged on either side of the frame and custom built with up to eight door panels to suit your space. 
Centor retractable screens offer unobtrusive insect protection for large openings up to 7.6 m. The robust system is both versatile, and a delight to use – opening and closing with just the touch of a fingertip. The Centor insect screen won’t spoil your view, with sheer mesh that disappears when not in use.

Centor’s S1E Eco-screen is a two-in-one screen and blind system, which can even double as a projection screen. A combined system can be installed in openings up to 3.9 m wide and 2.45 m tall. 

Sliding doors have earned a reputation as the most versatile and practical door type, offering space efficiency whilst delivering expansive views. 

Sliding doors also have the advantage of being able to be left partly open for ventilation without the danger of wind gusts slamming the door shut.

MBJ’s sliding timber doors can be custom-built to an opening size of your preference and are available in various fixed or moving panel combinations.

Our sliding doors provide smooth, quiet sliding through the use of high-quality hardware.

Sliding stacking timber doors allow for multiple operable doors that when opened, neatly stack back over each other to create a wider opening. They are ideal for creating one large entertaining space without interfering with interior areas and can be designed to accommodate an integrated insect screen that disappears when not in use.

Mount Barker Joinery custom designs French doors to complement any design whether it is Contemporary, Colonial or Federation.

Both exterior and interior French doors can be made using a variety of glass and timber combinations.

Our handcrafted French doors will always add a touchf o class to any space.

Pivot timber doors offer a wide generous opening and modern appearance to suit contemporary architecture.

Pivot timber doors are best suited to handle the extra weight required for grander, taller and wider doors.

Mount Barker Joinery uses only Centor award winning screening for superior performance, functionality and style. Centor’s revolutionary retractable screens have been created for large scale openings, offering an insect screen or solar control blind for complete control of internal environments.

Centor’s innovative screens are easy to use and suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

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